Welcoming to the family a new Imacon Flextight Precision II film scanner! This thing is a beast! But I have finally bid a fond farewell to using my flatbed scanner and hoping that anything even close to a viable artistic quality scan could come out of it. Hopefully I will have this thing set up in the next week or so and can actually get printable scans from my negatives. Up until now I have had to send out for processing any color slides that I have to get printed or scanned. But at $100+ a scan it seems much more cost effective to give the Flextight a whirl. Everything I have heard on the Internet is nothing by glowing.

In my normal vein I am also planning a winter trip this year. Hopefully I will make it back to the Similan Islands this year. Even better would be the ability to bring back some stellar underwater photos.

Lastly I have submitted some art for auction with the proceeds to go to my original alma mater. Thanks to Ms. Long, Mrs. Jones, Mr. Archer, Father Bob, Father Anthony, and all the others that help me along the way in Our Lady of Lourdes.

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