Currently living in Washington, DC by way of Florida, New York, California, Maryland, Michigan, South Carolina, Connecticut, California again, Norfolk, and a big long trip around the world, I am enjoying my time as a civilian after 15 years of service with the Navy. I received my first camera, a Pentax K1000 (which I still own) when I was about 10 years old. At the time most of my photographic experience consisted of being dragged to the middle of nowhere on a Saturday afternoon when perfectly good cartoons were playing and watching my stepfather take photos which I later watched him develop in a darkroom - bored out of my mind. Well, it's funny how things come full circle.

When I finally grew up and decided that the strange and exotic places the Navy was taking me deserved more than an in-depth knowledge of their bars and nightclubs I started bringing my camera along and attempting to capture the wonders I experienced. Man-made to God-made this world has so much to experience, and I enjoy capturing and sharing the calm, quiet, majestic, and downright funny moments I experience along the way.

I currently shoot using either my trusty Pentax K1000, still in pristine shape , a Pentax 645 Medium Format Camera which I have fallen in love with, a Holga plastic camera which is loads of fun, or a Nikon D200 which I am learning to gradually embrace despite a strong view that film is far superior to digital any day of the week and twice on Tuesday.

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